Books and Courses available from spoke + heart press

FUCK CANCER: A Tale of Love Pouring in From Every Angle (purchase)

When Jennifer prayed to the full moon in Scorpio asking the universe for a partner and family, she never expected to find her way back to her oldest friend, now a bald female cancer patient with four fantastically rambunctious kids. Follow their journey of rekindled friendship and sisterhood as Jennifer hits the road to raise money and spread Breast Cancer awareness throughout New England by bike and Ericka stays home to beat the shit out of cancer.

SOBER WORTH: A Fresh Take on Sobriety Through the Lens of Self-Worth (purchase)

My Sober Worth Teachable course is a deep dive into every lesson I learned and applied to my Positive Sobriety journey. Enrollment is only $3 but don’t let that confuse you. I promise it is packed to the gills with information, tips, tools, exercises, a 25-page downloadable workbook, and more. I poured my heart and soul into this course, but I didn’t create it to cash in. It’s simply my opportunity to offer up an affordable service to anyone looking to make one of the most powerful decisions they can for their happiness and well being. Sign up. Do the work. Decide.

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